Are your teachers spending more time managing poor behavior and less time teaching the curriculum? 

HONORABLE CHARACTER™ is built with a focus on character, which studies show improves behavior in students by 70% and increases traits such as responsibility and respect by 50%.

Our system, for use both at home and in school, greatly reduces disruptive behavior by providing the framework to acknowledge character-building scenarios already happening within the classroom throughout the entire day. 

  • Teachers will spend less time managing poor behavior.
  • Teachers will spend more time teaching the curriculum.
  • Parents will understand how their child is behaving and help reinforce good behavior from home.

This is not another lesson plan. Rather, the HONORABLE CHARACTER™  system complements any curriculum already in place.

The schoolwide package includes access for one year to web-based teacher training, as well as all the materials for classroom and campus use. This can be used for one classroom; however, the benefits increase when the whole school uses it.

Teachers publicly and privately acknowledge the positive behavior of each child, which greatly reduces the need for student correction.

This positive paradigm shift in a school culture happens with a few of our simple tools that equip all teachers to seamlessly integrate the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ System in the classroom.

This results in classrooms with peace and order where teachers teach and students are affirmed. 

Students thrive when they experience the solid foundation, positive focus, and structured framework of the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ method.



Classroom Management System

Designed for Preschool through Elementary


students' positive character traits exhibited throughout the day. Recognizing good behavior minimizes disruptive behavior.  


students' well-being by recording the positive character traits on the class Recording Chart. Internalizing encouraging words advances character, academic, and social-emotional learning.    


students' HONORABLE CHARACTER™ with parents through the weekly Conduct Card. Providing feedback benefits all.

What’s included?

  • One year’s access to an HC Expert via a
    phone or email consultation.

  • Invitation to join the Teacher-to-Teacher HC Facebook Collaboration Network
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  • One year’s access to the HONORABLE
    CHARACTER™ CPE/CEU Approved Web-Based Training Modules

  • Invitation to participate in HC Research Project

Each school receives  

Each teacher receives  

Teacher Training

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Each school receives

  • Character Trait Posters, Recording Charts, and Teacher Resource Binders filled with helpful tools to implement the program.

  • A Conduct Card template to promote positive school-to-home connections.

    These resources provide the needed structure to consistently implement a positive learning environment for all children throughout the day.

How these work together


Download application aids

Need help convincing your principal or school board to approve the purchase and implementation of the Schoolwide package? We've made a PDF and PowerPoint to help with this. 

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Through the HC method, good behavior is reinforced and lauded for continued positive actions.